Developmental Checklist: 36-41 months

Please note that this compilation of skills is meant to serve as a guide only. Each child is unique and will progress at different rates based on their abilities.  Use the time constraints of this information as a guideline only.  If you feel that your child is deviating significantly from these skills, please consult your Pediatrician. If your child is already enrolled in therapy and you have questions, concerns or need further clarification, please contact your child’s therapist.

Gross Motor Skills

  • Walks up stairs alternating feet
  • Catches a ball by pulling it against his body using extended arms
  • Kicks a stationary ball using 2 steps start
  • Runs around obstacles
  • Swings when started in motion

Fine Motor Skills

  • Matches circles, squares and triangles
  • Rolls clay into a ball
  • Understands through touch hot/cold, wet/dry


  • Understands long, short, big, little objects
  • Understands up, down, in, out, over, under, bottom and top
  • Puts together 2 parts of a shape to make a whole
  • Understands light and heavy


  • Uses plurals “s”
  • Understands concept of time “We are going to the zoo tomorrow.”
  • Uses verbs and nouns together “Push wagon.”
  • Carries on conversation


  • Shares toys
  • Takes turns with assistance
  • Plays with one or two other children
  • Says thank you and please

Self Help Skills

  • Drinks from water fountain
  • Serves self at table
  • Puts comb and brush in hair
  • Puts arms through armholes and pulls clothes to shoulders
  • Puts shoes on over toes and soles
  • Removes pull over clothing off both arms
  • Names brothers and sisters
  • Puts toothpaste on brush and wets brush