Developmental Checklist: 15-18 months

Please note that this compilation of skills is meant to serve as a guide only. Each child is unique and will progress at different rates based on their abilities.  Use the time constraints of this information as a guideline only.  If you feel that your child is deviating significantly from these skills, please consult your Pediatrician. If your child is already enrolled in therapy and you have questions, concerns or need further clarification, please contact your child’s therapist.

Gross Motor Skills

  • Throws ball forward
  • Tries to kick ball
  • Runs or hurried walk
  • Belly crawls down stairs
  • Pushes and pulls toys while walking
  • Seats self in small chair
  • Balances on one foot with help
  • Beginning to jump

Fine Motor Skills

  • Builds tower with 3 blocks
  • Picks up small beads and pins
  • Inserts one shape (circle)out of 3 in a form board
  • Uses one hand to hold an object while the other hand moves the object


  • Finds hidden objects
  • Identifies one part of the body


  • Vocalizes along with pointing and gesturing
  • Repeats last word heard
  • Uses ~10-15 words spontaneously
  • Jabbers while playing
  • Attempts to sing songs to music


  • Imitates doing housework
  • Shows emotions” fear, anger, anxiety, guilt
  • Expresses affection
  • Obeys 2 simple orders

Self Help Skills

  • Drinks from cup without assistance
  • Eats with spoon independently
  • Gives empty dish to adult
  • Naps once in afternoon 1-3 hours
  • Removes socks and hat