Developmental Checklist: 0-3 months

Please note that this compilation of skills is meant to serve as a guide only. Each child is unique and will progress at different rates based on their abilities.  Use the time constraints of this information as a guideline only.  If you feel that your child is deviating significantly from these skills, please consult your Pediatrician. If your child is already enrolled in therapy and you have questions, concerns or need further clarification, please contact your child’s therapist.

Gross Motor Skills

  • Turns head to both sides while on back
  • Extends both legs while on back
  • Lifts head to 45 degrees while on stomach
  • Hold head to one side while on stomach
  • Kicks feet alternately while on back
  • Rolls from side to back

Fine Motor Skills

  • Opens and closes fists
  • Brings hands to mouth
  • Brings hands to midline while on back
  • Pulls at body, clothes and hair
  • Reaches for dangling objects


  • Stares and gazes
  • Establishes eye contact
  • Focuses momentarily on faces or soft lights
  • Follows objects with eyes
  • Fascinated with lights and bright colors
  • Shifts eyes toward sound


  • Coos and gurgles spontaneously
  • Soothes to a familiar voice when fussy
  • Begins babbling
  • Turns toward familiar sounds
  • Cries when stressed


  • Enjoys physical contact
  • Smiles
  • Makes eye contact

Self Help Skills

  • Opens and closes mouth in response to food stimulus
  • Sleeps nights in 4-10 hour intervals
  • Naps a lot
  • Brings hands to mouth