Developmental Checklist: 4-5 years

Please note that this compilation of skills is meant to serve as a guide only. Each child is unique and will progress at different rates based on their abilities.  Use the time constraints of this information as a guideline only.  If you feel that your child is deviating significantly from these skills, please consult your Pediatrician. If your child is already enrolled in therapy and you have questions, concerns or need further clarification, please contact your child’s therapist.

Gross Motor Skills

  • Maintains momentum on swing
  • Walks on balance beam
  • Walks carrying an object blocking view of floor
  • Runs changing direction
  • Jumps from table height

Fine Motor Skills

  • Cuts along curved lines
  • Cuts out and pastes shapes
  • Connects dots
  • Cuts out circles
  • Places key in lock and opens door


  • Points out things that don’t belong in the picture
  • Finds target object from similar objects
  • Understands beside, before, above and below
  • Recalls 4 objects seen in picture
  • Names first, middle and last position


  • Uses “will” to form future tense “I will do that.”
  • Describes events of past and future experiences in logical order
  • Uses compound sentences with more than one main part “I hit the ball and it went in the road.”


  • Verbalizes feelings to another person
  • Acts socially correct in public
  • Asks for assistance when having difficulty
  • Asks permission to use objects 75% of the time
  • Works alone at chore 20-30 minutes

Self Help Skills

  • Cleans up spills
  • Uses knife for spreading soft toppings
  • Eats different types of foods
  • Drinks from water fountain
  • Opens container