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Resources & Links

Therapy Playhouse offers the information and links below for informational purposes only. Listing of individual references and resources does not constitute endorsement by Therapy Playhouse.

Development Checklists for Families

Please note that this compilation of skills is meant to serve as a guide only. Each child is unique and will progress at different rates based on their abilities.  Use the time constraints of this information as a guideline only.  If you feel that your child is deviating significantly from these skills, please consult your Pediatrician. If your child is already enrolled in therapy and you have questions, concerns or need further clarification, please contact your child’s therapist.

Please contact us with any valuable links, references, books, etc. that you feel other families may benefit from.

Our families are our greatest resource!

Early Literacy Activities

The"On the Go" materials include 14 activities designed to be used outside the home: in the car, while walking, during busrides, etc. The activities encourage early language and literacy development from birth through preschool. They are appropriate for children with disabilities as well as children who are developing typically.